A Month of Weekend Brunches

These are all images I’ve shared on my Instagram, but I thought putting them together in a post could provide some inspiration or ideas for what you can cook this weekend!

I’ll reference my homemade spelt bread a few times here —  I’ll put up a recipe in a few weeks. I’ve been testing it for 4+ months!

Spoiler: I like eggs on the weekend.


You’d see this repeated a lot if you follow me on Instagram: basically, a slice of my spelt bread, topped with avocado and eggs. I just try to change it a little bit to have the flavours pop in different ways.

Here, I toasted a slice of the bread and cut it in half, mashed some avocado with chilli flakes and coarse salt, and topped each half with an egg sunny-side up. That yolk though. I was mopping it up with the bread — heaven.


The following week, I woke up with the strongest craving for pancakes. I swung my legs out of bed and went straight into the kitchen (after brushing my teeth).


This is another recipe I’m still testing for you folks, as I’m no pancake expert. But these spelt pancakes are naturally sweetened with a banana and have absolutely no artificial sugar in them. I chose to top mine with peaches and strawberries, because that’s what I had in the fridge, plus a drizzle of maple syrup. Very satisfying.


I went back to my classic avocado and egg ways the following week, but this time I decided on poached eggs. For eggs cooked to this level of yolk porn, I set my timer to 3 minutes. I went for fresh cracked black pepper too and that really elevated the flavour.


Finally, last weekend, I wanted eggs but wanted to skip the bread and get my carbs from another source. I decided to make my Shakshuka — it’s hands-down one of the recipes I’m proudest of and I worked on this recipe, slowly testing and changing, for several years. It’s now a favourite in our household. Please give it a go — recipe is here.

I hope this gave you some sort of idea! Did you like this kind of wrap-up post with recipe ideas? I can do more of them if so. If you do make any of these recipes, please tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @sandkitchen.

As always, bilafiya
(well wishes and wellbeing)

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